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Top 10 Lawn Care Tips For 2020


Below is a list of 10 lawn care tips that are important for anyone who has a lawn.

Lawn care tip #1 – If you do live on or near some dusty roads, your can be sure lawn could be suffering. Do you know that the rate of photosynthesis could be greatly reduced even with a light coating of dust? You need to wash the lawn with water and dish soap every few days or when it looks like it needs some cleaning. Do not use anti bacterial dish soap, as this will leave the lawn with yellow streaks.

Lawn care tip #2 – If you live in a wild fire hazard area, then try to use lawn grass that can help reduce fire hazard. These lawn grass are available at your local lawn care store. A good combination of grass that would work is Canada bluegrass, wheat grass, sheep fescue, and blue gramma grass.

Lawn care tip #3 – If there are shady sections in your lawn, you can let the shady grass grow longer than the grass in the sunny sections. This will help it look better. And remember to prune out some of the dense branches to let in more light.

Lawn care tip #4 – Earthworms are good for your lawn. Try to attract more earthworms to your yard with organic lawn fertilizer. This will attract earthworms like ants to honey.

Lawn care tip #5 – Try to spread a thin layer of organic matter on the lawn frequently. Mushroom compost is a good choice. This is the stuff that mushrooms grow in the mushroom farms. It is made up of substances like horse manure, straw, gypsum, and limestone. You can apply it as you would regular compost.

Lawn care tip #6 – Mow the lawn with mulcher mower can help you use less fertilizer. This mower drop the cut up grass clippings to the soil where they will decompose faster. Typical grass clippings contain 4% nitrogen, 1% phosphorous, and 3% potassium, which are about the same as many of the organic fertilizers.

Lawn care tip #7 – If after mowing your grass, and the grass seems less green and has a tan cast, then your mower blades are probably dull because a sharp blade cuts the top off leaving a thin tan line at the top of each blade. However, a dull blade tears the grass leaving a ragged edge and a big wounded area that turns brown. A few days after mowing the grass with a dull blade, the lawn will be brownish green.

Lawn care tip #8 – When lawns get enough moisture they are not worried of getting trampled. However, if the grass do not get enough water, they do not have enough strength to recover from those trampling. So make sure each time you water the lawn, the moisture reaches 6 to 8 inches below the surface. This will help encourage strong and deep roots that can stand up to periodic drought.

Lawn care tip #9 – Do not water your lawn at night, as this is bad for your grass. You need to be aware that watering encourages brown patch and other fungus diseases. It is strongly recommended that watering the lawn be carried out between 5 and 8 A.M.

Lawn care tip #10 – Too much salt in soft water can kill a lawn, so make sure that your outdoor faucets are not connected to the water softener system.

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